In the desert regions of North Africa, the date palm ‘Phoenix Dactylifera is considered as the tree of life and abundance.

It maintains the ecosystem of the oasis, and during its life time it sustains the local human life by providing a source of fruit and several materials from its leaves and branches for the local crafts.

In Tunisia, the law prevents the date palm from being cut down before it is dead, which reveal the preciousness of the plant, and makes it a rare wood. Nevertheless it is also considered as a poor material because of its fragility and constraints.

This project started as a material research trying to solidify the wood, and amplify its natural and uncommon aesthetic qualities given by its fiber structure revealed from the inside of the trunk.

The association with a transparent resin prevent it from breaking and amplifies its visual qualities.

The Phoenix Dactylifera project intends to give a second life to the palm date in order to eternalize its presence in its cultural environment after its death. It is said that the date palm is happiest when its «feet are in water and its head is in heaven’s fire».


With this set of objects for bath wellness, the precious plant takes its retreat nearby the water, where it has always been connected with during its lifetime, and the mutual relation of care it always had with Man is then perpetuated.