This collection of tiles proposes different textures created from fragments of real ruins. It invites the user to compose his own façades in his own way.

The project intends to encourage a vernacular design related to the ruins of a city.

By modeling relief and textures directly from actual ruins and shaping them into tiles.  Alouane’s method is based on transferring photography and modern printing techniques into ceramics. The heritage and materiality embodied in ruins should be part of our daily lives.

The city of Carthage has been physically marked by the many civilizations which settled there throughout History. The abundant presence of ancient ruins constitutes the Archeological site of Carthage protected by Unesco. 

A ruin is usually an untouchable part of patrimony and only belonging to the spectrum of History. Indeed the ruins’ sites and the rest of the modern architecture of the city are not merging together.

It creates a striking division in the urban landscape between past and present.

Alouane Saïd wants to bridge this gap.


Images of the ruins which inspired the textures of the tiles






Map of the Archeological Site of Carthage

Streets of the neighborhood around the Archeological site of Carthage © 2019